Politics of Parenthood

The Politics of Parenthood – Laurel Elder on Parent Politics & 2012

Excited to see my Political Science colleague Laurel Elder’s co-authored new book The Politics of Parenthood: Causes and Consequences of the Politicization and Polarization of the American FamilyPolitics of Parenthood.

Elder gave a talk on the Politics of Parenthood on 21 September 2012, at Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY.

Elder discussed her recently published book which she co-authored with Dr. Steven Greene at North Carolina State University. She shared her empirical research, which documents how parenthood and the family have become politicized in U.S. politics in response to significant changes to the structure of the American family. Elder also discussed the significance of the politicization of parenthood and the family for the 2012 presidential election.

Elder did not bring up one of the latest politicizations of parenthood, Marx and Breast-Feeding, but I brought it up in the Q&A. As I imagined, one of my colleagues pointed out that on-campus breast-feeding had been done by Hartwick faculty since years ago. No big deal.

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