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Hartwick CollegeMay is a very busy time at Hartwick College–the links below are just a few of the things going on in May 2013. I first highlight recent ways the liberal arts experience has been in the news.

  1. Small Colleges Well-Positioned To Weather The MOOC Storm:

    If there’s any kind of institution of higher learning whose basic model isn’t threatened by technological change, it’s the Amherst (and Swarthmore and Williams and Colby and Wellesley and Pomona and so forth) model of very exclusive small liberal arts colleges. These are places that, starting before the Internet ever existed, marketed themselves to students and parents on the basis of discussion-oriented classes, low teacher:student ratios, and person-to-person engagement. What’s more, not only are these schools small but there aren’t that many of them. It’s a model that’s never educated a large share of the American population and has never aspired to educate a large share of the American population.

    This was a huge part of my argument for defending liberal arts relevance during a curriculum review.

  2. Daniel R. Porterfield, president of Franklin & Marshall College writes Let’s Make 2013 the Year of the Seminar:

    Imagine a team of national-security leaders in 2025 analyzing whether promoting economic development would prevent terrorism. Imagine government officials, public-health experts, anthropologists, and economists searching together for the solution to a border-crossing disease. All taking account of multiple views. All trying to interpret data. All working at the mind’s limits. The vital work that takes place in such a scenario is the real-world form of the seminar–still one of the best models for developing the mind that has emerged in four centuries of American higher education.

  3. Understanding the Dark Horse of Personality: When Will the Pessimist Win? 3 May 2013, 4pm, Friday, Eaton Lounge. Justin A. Wellman: “Pessimism has long been regarded as an unfortunate personality trait, while optimism is associated with a plethora of beneficial outcomes–particularly in the area of health. Wellman’s lecture will review past research showing the benefits of optimism before discussing a model of behavioral self-regulation that predicts the specific conditions under which pessimists will outperform optimists.” Interesting in part because I reviewed some of optimism-pessimism issues for Anthropology and Moral Optimism.
  4. Hartwick College Open House for High School Juniors. Hartwick College will host an Open House program on May 4, 2013 geared toward current high school juniors who are interested in becoming part of Hartwick’s Class of 2018.
  5. Hartwick College – Nahal Zamani To Present Hardy Chair Lecture. 6 May 2013, 7pm, Monday, in Anderson Center for the Arts Theatre. Nahal Zamani presents the second 2013 H. Claude Hardy Chair in Sociology Lecture. Zamani, the Advocacy and Program Manager for Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) Government Misconduct and Racial Justice division, will share a lecture titled “Advocating for Change: Dismantling Discriminatory Policing Practices/Dismantling Stop and Frisk.”
  6. Out of the Barrio. 9 May 2013, 7pm, Thursday. “Stephanie Elizondo Griest will describe her ‘escape’ from South Texas to become a globe-trotting foreign correspondent, human rights activist, and author. She will also speak about how she fought racial, gender, and cultural stereotypes, and her struggles with her Mexican identity and her experiences interviewing Mexican undocumented workers, indigenous resistance fighters, and gay/lesbian activists.” This fits well with my Introduction to Anthropology course where we are now reading Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz, Labor and Legality: An Ethnography of a Mexican Immigrant Network.
  7. Student Showcase: An Exhibition of Liberal Arts in Practice. The Student Showcase: An Exhibition of Liberal Arts in Practice is Hartwick’s day-long celebration of student achievement. The Sixth Annual Student Showcase will take place Friday, May 10, 2013. [See my post on the 2012 Hartwick College Showcase]
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