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Electoral College: Things You Can Do to #StopTrump

More and more people believe the Electoral College has a Constitutional duty on December 19 to block Donald Trump. But then the question becomes: What can you do about the Electoral College?

Robert Reich suggests writing the Electoral College through directelection.org. There’s the interesting #DemocrEC effort. There are lots of petitions. A good one-stop shop to get involved is 5 Ways We Can (Still) Help Stop Trump.

I believe the single most important action now is to

Sign up for a December 19 protest at your State Capitol

And a few more suggestions:

Electoral College Social Media

From now until 12/19 I’m only liking, posting, and sharing things about the Electoral College. I’m changing my picture to Alexander Hamilton logos to go with Federalist No.68 (and with due respect to this review in The Feminist Spectator). And I’m trying to feature the Electoral College on any website or internet outlet I can influence. The goal is to get as many people as possible thinking about the Electoral College.

Don’t tell the Electoral College how to vote

One of the flaws of these efforts is to try and tell the Electoral College how to vote. Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig says they should vote for Clinton. The Hamilton Electors wanted to draft Kasich. The Cato Institute wants Mitt Romney. Daily Kos games Joe Biden into the mix.

Nah. They aren’t going to settle on some consensus candidate. The point is simply this: Don’t Vote Trump. We just need enough people to Not Vote Trump so it tosses the election over to the US House of Representatives. And yes, there they very well could elect Trump, but the question of electoral legitimacy will be intensified.

Let others escalate

It’s interesting what happens to Trump supporters when these possibilities are mentioned. I’ve actually seen threats of civil war. It’s a pretty chilling indication of where we are when people take a perfectly constitutional alternative, sanctioned by the Founding Fathers, and then threaten violence. So, when people react, take a screen-shot, record it, then block. Let others escalate. And preferably keep them at their keyboards for long comments. Then delete, block, do what you need to do.

Stay safe.

If you would like to support this campaign, all donations will go through Living Anthropologically toward social media ad-buys:

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